K so here’s the thing. I decided I’m going back to my old main blog. Switching the names, too. Basically changing everything from this blog to that one. I’m gonna go through the people I follow on this blog (who I reblog the most, if we talk, etc) and switch some over to my other one. It’ll be a process but there’s that

probs gonna post some pictures now

Went to summerfest for two days and saw Third Eye Blind and Girl Talk which was absolutely AMAZING. Met one of my musical soulmates and got to stay at her place while we were there. Then yesterday, went to chicago for pride. Met this group of hispanic girls on a train that were really chill and were with them the whole time. During the parade we decided to hop over the gate and jump on this random float and it was so cool ugh I took tons of videos. Oh and…One of the girls I was faintly flirting with the whole time…My friend told me later on that she was a transvestite. LOLLLL. I mean, I guess I realized I probably should’ve seen the signs. I flirted with a chick with a dick and I’m so amused by it hahah. It was an unreal weekend and I’m sad it’s over.